Sin > Skin?

The dichotomous arguments that many misinformed evangelicals are marking as it relates to our race problem in America is sickening. The now-popular phrase “it’s a sin problem, not a skin problem” is shouted from their proverbial rooftops as they look to find comfort, innocence, and justification during the discussion about race in America.

Many people in this world still believe that the color of my skin is synonymous with sin. The misinformed use the Bible when convenient to point out that Noah’s grandson (Genesis 9:18-27) was cursed with black skin because of his father’s (Ham) egregious sin; therefore, all people with dark skin are cursed. Many religions, including so-called Christians, used these verses to justify slavery. So when you say “it’s a sin problem, not a skin problem” for many, it’s the same thing.

It is likened to a man who continually beats/abuses his wife and then the wife complains of the abuse, and others just like her complain of their abuses. And, a small fraction of the abuses are caught on camera, and then the misinformed says, “it is not a domestic violence (abuse) problem; it is a sin problem!

Yes, sin is at the root, but you still got a domestic violence problem! Dismissing the victims claim with your cute phrase doesn’t help the victim, it only perpetuates the abuse and silences the oppressed.

It’s okay to say it is a sin problem and a skin problem. How else can you treat or cure a sickness if you don’t label what it is? God always addressed the sinner’s sin by the specificity required to heal it. Moses was a murderer, David was an adulterer, and Peter was a racist. They were delivered from these things because God addressed their specific sins and healed them from it.

And, God is more than able to do the same for us!

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